Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Proof of Shawnio's Criminal Past

Clearly the guy wearing the mask sounds and has the body shape of Shawnio.

After the hit, Shawnio was lit, like Kobe after his NBA trip.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kristiplays show bobs that can knock you the fook out!

Fingers stayed glued to their sticky keyboards trolling the ever so titastical Kristi as she panders for donations and pleas for sub button using her enormous purple veins riddled boobs as a tip jar, on Twitch's League of Legends game section generating over 18,000 views during the first 2hrs of her cast.  

Nerdgasm was eclipsed by the outcries for a immediate ban and spams of numerous images of cocks.  Twitch staff Dylan approved of Kristi boobs display and no ban was issue atm.  Kristi is a smut of Virtue, please donate to her before your cocks bloody fall off!lulz

Minaplays with cut out boobs.  (below)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bill Pooper in love with thou Joker?

Bill Popper comes out of the closet and admits he is a pervert! The top pervert on Vaughn admitted that he faps to Joker, and before he goes to bed.
Bill also admits to fapping with women on skype. Bill don't be afraid, just come out of the closet and admit it, you like boys, men, women, and tranny's.

Bill and Kengar have a lot in common.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sex in Canada?

 Finally after many months of not receiving warm cuddling live wood and seeing froggieb behaving like a shy school girl, when the not so secret admire enters her channel.  Tony Baby Oil finally brings the Immense penis From America to Canada, dipping it straight into the pound nestling inside the wet maple leaf of FroggieB.  

Tony once skidmarked a grand exit off Vaughn so this shit's not made up, but his....um lady at first stayed out of the webcams view, however much sooner than later she slowly creeps into the angle of the camera next to Tony, placing her notice to all that she's finally got her man and possibly getting laid. 

Tony stated he was a gentlemen, however months without wood, I guarantee she leaped on top and road him like a run away moose.

Worn like a trophy, or to make Drinknet sense the WWE championship belt, Tony was like her badge of honor, he was not a simple skype fuck, or false imaginations of being together, it's for real, bitches, eat your hearts out!  I am a remote viewer, so I am sure that's what I read inside Froggie's mind.lulz
 Online meet ups, are slightly hits and mostly misses, but I wish them the best and cannot wait till Tony returns home, because that's when the real emotions and discussions really take place inside a split couples heart.

Also Trip to Mars made a surprised visit, Tony is lucky a very man tonight as he is surely having one hell of a threesome.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dope, Up in Smoke Foxmanshawn22 !

 Flicking ashes on his couch, drunktard FoxManShawn22, causes a small fire under his bloody asshole.  The dense derelict puts out the small flame by becoming Vaughn's very own Fire Marshal Bill, frantically beating it out with his hand, "something he occasionally does when Vikki broadcast", once out he displays the burns new and old like some trophy or accomplishment earned by his wet backward thinking brain, this man truly needs help. 

After a brief whoa is me moment, Foxy rose out of his depression and gave the men and women inside his room a provocative dance. 

That's how the Capt_Cookie Crumbles

No wonder poor Ken is so butthurt, he cannot win Mamaboss/MiB over from a grizzled old dude wearing a assortment of colorful wigs :(

Kengar fall back before a Star Trek action figure is forcefully shoved up your ass.