Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Night Cougar

I have never stay too long inside jetersgurl02's channel. However today was a different story. Sorry for not having much else to write. My brain is currently on other things. The pics showcase in this post should speak volumes.

Sprintnxt Admin: To Serve While Erect?

I was catching up on some blogs stories a few days ago and came across one that caught my attention. The reason Sprintnxt is not stalking but protecting Brandierose. Protection from what you might ask? Someone allegedly threatening to harm her by coming to the house and doing something really awful. Which Sprint will make sure doesn't happen live on cam? There you have it! The soul reason Sprint spent weeks inside her room without uttering a bloody word.

Come on anyone truly buys that load of garbage? From animal abuse, threats of commiting suicide, guy holding a shotgun with hints of blasting himself, or a underage nude boy stroking himself live on social. Admins and staff have quickly solved the problems by simply IP banning and looking the other way.

Sad commentary for a site that was in the news for a man being egged on until he committed suicide. Admins and staff act like any sort of criminal offense happening on the site is some sort of weird bad dream you dare not bring back up.

Speak of any mischievous, criminal activity, or if authorities are notified inside the Help Channel. You are greeted with a timout, chat cleared, or a instant IP ban. Justin tv is a site with no heart, no care. or no future. Which may be one of the reasons Michael CEO of jtv allows Alki to swoop in and lure some of his longtime casters away. Alki's Battlecam or prestige in the business world may be Michaels pawn to be played in the future.

In Memory Of Haskel's Blog: Random Azn Babe

With Haskel blog temporarily down. I took a step up to report about the latest azn babe who temporally risen up and held the top spot on social. She was a pervs fantasy come true. Pugadera the name she used showed feet, linked facebook, yahoo, and was about to flash nipples. However with her promise of letting the black eyed puppies peek out she was quickly banned. Sadly for the chatters an admin other then saffire was on duty.

Smashing Or Simply Smashed?

What a smashing I mean smashed that lassie Devildoll26. Which is nothing new. It can simply be a bong or alcohol beverage. She has never broadcast on jtv without being completely high and inebriated. With a random troll asking to see her saggy boobs. Her mate whom seems to be fused out of Smokethis and Chromtuna. Offered her troll a clue on the whereabouts of his and hers amateur homemade adult video. Which I am pretty sure will scar the troll after watching for life.